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Thank you so much Dr Abbassian and a special thanks to Maryanne. HE said you guys are the best and he cant wait to go back. For anybody who has kids this is the dentist for them. My son had two fillings done and didnt even know it and had no pain. He thought he was getting them cleaned .No pain is great! Thank you so much

By: Mary J.

I have been coming to Dr. Abbassian's office for years. What surprises me the most is the individual care and attention you receive. You don't feel like a patient or number with Dr. Abbassian or his staff--rather, you feel like a welcomed guest. Dr. Abbassian has performed multiple procedures on my teeth. From minor to major, his skill during a procedure is flawless. Your pain/discomfort is a top priority for him. He even calls you hours, or a day later to check- up on you--just to see how you're feeling. As an educator in a local school district, I give him my highest recommendation.

By: Dominic M.

Dr Abbassian takes such good care of my family and me and now the extended family. My son and his wife are now also Dr. Abbassian converts! The "doc" is as gentle as possible. He and his staff work with our insurance company and we never have to worry about surprises coming in the mail; like happened with another dentist.

I highly recommend Dr. Abbassian and his great staff of professionals.

By: Dennis K.

Professional from start to finish! Top of the line service and staff!

By: Resendez

Dr. Abbassian has been our family dentist for almost 20 years. He saw both my kids through braces and growing up. He is very good at what he does or I wouldn't go. I have had a lifelong fear of dentists and Mehran has softened those fears. I actually look forward to seeing him... well almost. He is caring and gentle. He is very concerned with the comfort of his patients and actually takes the time necessary to make sure the patient is doing well through any procedure being performed. I do and have recommended this fine dentist to anyone who will listen. And this was an UN-paid endorsement :-)

By: Linda

I recently went to Dr. Abbassian’s office to get my dental work done. I have had a fear of dentists for years, but Dr. Abbassian introduced me to sedation dentistry and now instead of having an anxiety attack, I go to LaLa Land while Dr. Abbassian completes my much needed dental work.

By: Sarah

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